I haven’t ever been a fan of posting on social media platforms and as it appears here on the Agilis Fitness blog, posting on this blog either.  Ha!  I am usually on the side of media and technology that “less is more” and me adding more content onto the interwebs only adds more distractions and one of my favorite Shakespeare lines from Hamlet, “Words, words, words…”  I guess I am more of an action guy…but at last…I now write a quick update on what has been happening at Agilis Fitness.

Through 2015 to somewhere in 2017, one of my clients and I took a dip into the sea of corporate wellness program management.  Yes, we learned a lot.  We learned that the corporate wellness program industry is a pretty deep sea and my business partner decided to retire and I decided to go in another direction.  We did create a website and tons of modules and other ideas that I have stored away in my mind and hard drive.  The website is Kinectus-Wellness.com.

I decided to go do some work in the film and television industry.  Why?  Well…long story short, a client of mine and I came up with an idea for a health and fitness reality-based TV show.  Something that would be the antidote to ‘The Biggest Loser’ where people are pummeled into the ground and competing to lose the weight or ‘Dr OZ’ where we get to hear him have shows titled, “How to Stay on a Diet” while having someone come on the show and talk about green coffee (stimulant) to help decrease cravings for food…so you can ‘stay on a diet.’  UGH!  I ended up working on 5 shows, 4 seasons that were 5 months long, in the Locations Department.  I learned a ton about how a show is filmed, produced and hustled across Los Angeles county, 5 days a week.  All the while, I was putting my pitch materials together while working away from home 70 hours a week AND keeping the fitness and wellness coaching going.  Sheesh.  It was a hustle…from July 2017 to November 2019…with some big breaks in between of course…Hollywood shows have long hiatus periods between production periods.

AND…a big AND…my wife, Kim, and I got married and had a baby!  Yep, Esme Eloa Luz Chenevey.  Born onto planet Earth November 27, 2018. She is an amazing specimen, for sure.  Some say she is outright ‘magical’…and I think that is correct as well.  All I asked for was a healthy and good-natured child and we for sure got that!  She started walking at nine months and at 10 months she carried a ¾ full Nalgene bottle across the living room, holding onto the little plastic loop-handle as it wobbled side-to-side.  That’s an asymmetrically loaded, imbalance inducing weight to carry after only walking for a month!  Now, at 15 months, she’ll pick up a 4-pound medicine ball and walk it over to me. Ha!  Human development is Esmazing!

On a fitness training and coaching side, throughout these past couple years, I maintained a handful of clients, working on a coaching level both in person and remotely.  Which has brought me the next form of exercise and wellness coaching for the future, which I will be updating those pages on the website soon.  Also, Agilis Fitness will be/is merging into Kinectus Wellness, Inc.  There will be an exercise library and a video explainer/tutorial page added to this Agilis site.  The Kinectus Wellness site will be transitioning to a platform for getting speaking opportunities and wellness coaching and consulting for individuals, small businesses and large companies.


And as always, be good to yourself,