Photos of Fitness Training and Client Results

The following photos are of a few clients doing some intermediate/advanced exercises. Everyone’s skill level is different starting out, and so is everyone’s “advanced level”. These photos will give you an idea of where I train my clients and what kind of eqipment I use to get them in shape and strong from the inside out.

Mark demonstrates Single Leg Balance on Balance Board with Single Arm Shoulder with Dumbbell (thanks to Mark for being a great model, both in photos and in health & lifestyle choices. ; )

Standing Twist with Cable, Double Arm: Kristen with her “yoga arms” (that’s what her friends thought they were ; ) showing excellent form for perfect function. Sunset at Marine Stadium, Lang Beach, CA.

Marlo demonstrates Chest Press on Stability Ball with Barbell (thanks to Marlo for her model example of this new twist on a classic exercise.)

Lower Abdominal Strengthening with Blood Pressure Cuff (for lower back curvature accuracy)

Seated Military Press on Stability Ball with Barbell

Forward Walking Lunge and Alternating Single Arm Shoulder Press with Dumbbell

Forward Ball Roll on Stability Ball with Stick / “Posture Pal” (for low back curvature accuracy)

Prone Twist with Feet on Ball (with storm clouds rolling over Long Beach Peninsula)

From low back injury to Surf Safari in El Salvdor. Post-rehab with Agilis Fitness…nice work Frank!

Linda, practicing Tai Chi near Laguna Beach, CA. Great form makes great shadows on the sand. Thanks for the photo Linda!

First time skiing at age 60+ years of age! Strength training for the legs and balance training for entire system and lots of patience and determination. Well done Kathleen!

Sunrise at Mother’s Beach near the 2nd Street Bridge, Long Beach, CA