Here’s a short video on the ‘Tiny Habits’ method created by B.J. Fogg.  (These are all learning-curve videos that I am starting to explore and practice…only getting better with practice, right?  Right!)

Here’s an recent article on the Kinectus Wellness website (the parent company to Agilis Fitness) regarding Behavior Change:

AND lastly, in case you missed it:   This is the full length version of a video on How to Lose Weight the Proper Way!  It’s and explanation with a bit if a venting of some frustration I have about the diet industry related to what i have experienced with my clients over the years.  UGH!  So these 5 points can give you a better idea of the real-deal, slow-and-steady-wins-the-race protocol on losing the body fat.  Basically, healing the physiologuical and emotional systems in need will vastly improve the fat shedding process.  Yay!

Be good to yourself!