What $^)&*#&-ing, BEEEEEP-ing, *)+&*%(&-ing year so far, eh? (This was written for a newsletter back in October, 2020)  At least it started out nice…relatively normal…upbeat for a year to make all those goals and dreams a little closer to realization.  Ha!  Well, here’s to 2021, right around the corner!  Hoping you and your family and your friends are well, safe, healthy, sane and staying in the positive mind-set.  (It’s a muscle and needs to be worked-out regularly…some days may be more challenging than others… ; )

Although I was training a handful of clients, I took a detour into Hollywood (Hollyweird) to gain some experience to put toward a health and fitness “reality” docu-series TV show.  A TV show that would be the antithesis to “Biggest Loser” or Dr. OZ, etc…just a simple docu-series with some super stealthy weight loss changes and huge health and wellness gains…it’s in the works!  Working with a show developer/producer and we’ll be pitching it in no time.  You can see my little update from the last couple years on the AF blog, HERE.

In business news, I have always offered online coaching and fitness training in the past, and now with more demand than in the past, I am again offering online fitness and health coaching with the use of ptEnhance(.com) to keep your program on the right track.  Phone and/or video chat as well, whatever you prefer…  Check out the Online Coaching page HERE!

Kinectus Wellness, Inc., a company that a former client and I established a few years ago, is now the owner of the Agilis Fitness DBA license (through the Los Angeles County Registrar).  Yay!  This way, everything is under one roof, one house, one umbrella, one entity.  Moving onward and upward!

Me and my brain?!?!  Holding steady.  Focused and focusing on 3 educational courses I am currently enrolled in…one I finished!

First: I recently finished the University of Florida’s Graduate Certificate Course, Medical Physiology.  I realized it was time to go back to what I fell in love with about health and fitness back in 1995, my first physiology college course.  Loved it.  Challenging, yes.  Applicable, in so many ways.  Onward with reading my physiology text books on a Saturday morning, along with Saturday morning cartoons for Esme!  ; )

Second: Positive Neuroplasticity Training by Rick Hansen PhD.  This course blends current psychology practice, Buddhist meditation and the latest developments of neuroscience in neuroplasticity (brain neurons re-wiring and firing together for positive brain and emotional function…with practice and training).  Some of Rick’s books include, ‘Buddha’s Brain’, ‘Hardwiring Happiness’ and ‘Resilient’.  Plus, some audio meditations like my favorite, ‘Stress-proof Your Brain’ (voice sounds like Mr. Rogers) …a new discovery for me this year is the profound significance and power of guided meditations!  Find your teacher and plugin for a handheld journey to some inner peace!  You can start by browsing through YouTube or SoundCloud to sample some instructors to see who you match with best, just type in ‘guided meditation’ and start sampling!  I can only say once with the full force of written conviction, even just one guided meditation that you find helps a little will help you a lot with every single use!  Serious face.  : |   ; )

Third: American Council on Exercise (ACE) Specialist Program: Coaching Behavior Change.  Creating new habits and reinforcing healthy habits is the true key to moving forward with one’s health and healing.  Master behavior change…master yourself…shape our health destiny. Somewhere between neurology and the psychology of habits, is the key to positive health changes in the human mind and body.  Some topics covered: The Client-Coach Relationship, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing, Values and a Vision for the Future, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Strengths-based Coaching, Goal Setting, Action Plans and Growing New Habits…etc, etc…good stuff!

Always something to write about…and always something to video-blog about…more on the way!  But first…First YouTube video!!!  A bit longer than I had expected it to me…but it’s a start…it’s a first…and it’s a learning curve.  This one is on the 5 Points for Weight Loss…something I put together for a little online presentation at the top of 2021.  It was a good way to be forced to start something.  More in the future along with in-person, live public speaking events!  Again, yay!

Thanks…and as always, be good to yourself!