I’ve been working with Isaac for over 2 years, and that’s meaningful.  To have developed a working relationship on which I rely and which is a cornerstone of staying centered, positive and moving ahead in spite of my STRONG wish to sit on my couch and eat bon-bons – this is a remarkable accomplishment.

Isaac is smart, and creative, and funny, a good listener who knows his stuff.  He has always met me where I am, a champion for progress, knowing how to differentiate and manage when I’m just whining and when I really need to be careful because we’re approaching my limits.   The first time we met to establish how we would work together, Isaac let me know that his goals were probably different than mine.  Mine were to look better and to lose weight.  Isaac’s goals were far more specific, to enable me to function in spite of the handicaps of being more than 100 pounds overweight, suffering from structural issues in my feet requiring surgery and recovery, and unable to maintain balance because of sensory neuropathy (my feet don’t feel the ground). We’ve made HUGE progress, addressing nutritional (gluten sensitivity, lack of metal clarity) and other issues sometimes needing “referring out” to Isaac’s extensive network of complementary providers (high blood pressure referred to a holistic doctor).  I’ve lost – and have kept off – over 100 pounds, finally now weighing what I did in college (I’m 65); I feel strong, I have endurance, I am constantly stopped by colleagues and friends who ask “How did you do it?”  And I say, it’s my coach.  His deep knowledge of body mechanics and nutrition, his intellectual curiosity, and his effective interpersonal skills make all the difference.  I trust him, I miss when we don’t get to meet, he provides constructive accountability, and is inspiring; I admire and respect him as a person, as a professional, as a resource, and as someone whom I’ve grown to consider  a friend.


HR Department Administrator of a global aerospace company, Long Beach, CA and Versailles, France.


I wanted to take the time to thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do. As you are well aware I recently had a serious neck injury due to a surfing accident. The rehab protocol prescribed by my doctor was adequate for most people, however, not sufficient for all the activities for which I am involved. It was humbling to sit on an exercise ball, attempt to march and literally fall off the ball completely frustrated and upset. With your program, I now STAND on the stability ball and perform a series of squats and twists when you demand.

I do not know how to thank you enough for your innovative exercises specific to my needs, the flexible schedule you have provided as well as the friendship I have been blessed to receive.

It is truly an honor to know you and experience your knowledge of personal training. Most people think of personal trainers with the concept to “get in shape”.  While you do provide that, my needs were radically different. I required an educated, informed and creative individual who could assist me beyond the normal rehabilitation regiment. I have received that and much more. I am continually amazed how my program is constantly “TWISTED UP” to accommodate a new muscle group or an isolated exercise specific to my benefit.

Mr. Chenevey, I know we have made great strides in my recovery and I also recognize we have much more work to do. I am ready and cannot wait. My neck, spine and my life improve daily with your assistance. I thank you for all you have done and will continue to do.

Keep “Twisting” it up!

Frank S. Spina

President, Salco Landscape Services, Inc., Long Beach, CA

Agilis Fitness completely changed my life!!  I am the type of “worker outer” that starts a routine & a couple of months in, drops it & reverts back to my couch potato ways.  After working out with Isaac for a couple of months, I noticed some very positive changes with my body & also my state of mind.  These results snapped me out of my old routine & I ended up working out with Isaac for 2 1/2 years!  Some of the positive changes I noticed were very defined stomach muscles (which I have NEVER seen on myself before), “yoga” arms, a disappearance of my back/neck pain, & a general “high on life” feeling after every workout.  Isaac also has endless amounts of knowledge to share about nutrition, stress levels, meditation…pretty much anything you are struggling with in life, he will have a solution for you!  Some trainers can be quite intimidating & overwhelming, but Isaac is very down to earth & really cares that you are benefiting from his workouts.  If a certain exercise is not sitting right with you, he will really explore the problem & alter the exercise to fit you personally.  If you are looking for a great personal trainer, I highly recommend Agilis Fitness.  He could change your life too!!

Kristen L.

Long Beach, CA

I highly, highly recommend Isaac and Agilis Fitness!

I worked with Isaac from 2013-2014. I interviewed several trainers and as soon as I met Isaac I knew he was a good match for me. Isaac has permanently and positively impacted the trajectory of my health and well-being. He is a holistic trainer and has a vast wealth of knowledge. He is a creative problem-solver and, when necessary, has an extensive network of high quality referrals.

I worked out in a small group (yay Fit Club!). Although there were three (or four) of us working a similar program, Isaac always made sure to tailor the exercises individually. I always felt that he was attentive to me. The programs were unique and challenging.

Isaac is it in for the long haul. If you are looking for effective and steady workouts to achieve long-term, sustainable strength and health I cannot recommend Isaac enough!

Johanna S.

Long Beach, CA

Agilis fitness is what fitness should be. As a doctor I am always looking to refer my patients to fitness/trainers that I feel will bring them to the next level of wellness. With so many trainers on every corner, it is hard to know where to go. Agilis fitness has been in the fitness industry for years and has the education and experience that any healthcare provider would feel comfortable sending the public to. Good job!

Tracey Reeb, DC

Sherman Oaks, CA

For the last 18 months Isaac has worked with me at home twice a week to increase my strength and balance and has taught me Tai Chi and Chi Gong. He has provided me with individual attention in a friendly, professional way. His knowledge in physical training and ability to answer my questions has made me feel secure in his capable hands. I would recommend Agilis Fitness to anyone, especially seniors wanting to increase their strength and stamina for their retirement.

Linda Eason, RN

Long Beach, CA

I contacted Agilis Fitness primarily due to ongoing health issues.  After many years of various medical problems, I was recovering from having both hips replaced in 2009 when I lost nearly all my balance ability due to receiving an antibiotic which permanently disabled my vestibular function.  I am also a kidney dialysis patient, and I decided I needed to improve my balance and strength in order to successfully undergo a kidney transplant when available.  The transplant surgeon has often emphasized how important getting stronger and getting around well would help make my surgery a success.

Isaac Chenevey came to my home for an assessment appointment.  I immediately felt at ease, as he is extremely personable and very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of improving fitness.  He did a very thorough history, asked me about my goals, and explained how his approach would take into account my fluctuating abilities.  We would capitalize on my good days and do appropriate activities on the days I wasn’t feeling so well.  His understanding of medical issues and how they can be stabilized or improved was very important to me.

I set up a twice-weekly schedule with Isaac at my home, which is ongoing.
The benefits from working with Isaac are too numerous to mention in this space.  When we started working together, I could not walk past the house next door.  We incorporated walking into my program, as my balance wasn’t good enough at the beginning to venture out by myself.   Walking over a mile or mile and a half is no problem for me now, and I have no doubt I could easily add more distance if time were no objective.  There is no longer any pain or feeling as if I’m going to fall.  Working on core strength has erased a long-term pain in the back I used to get if I was on my feet for any length of time.  When I revisited my balance physical therapy center for an update, they were amazed at my improvement and asked lots of questions concerning my program activities with Isaac.

Isaac Chenevey is a very different type of trainer who will make the workouts interesting, fun and effective, no matter your goal or starting point.  This is no cookie cutter program!  I worked with trainers some years ago at a few gyms, and there is no comparison at all.

He’s got a great sense of humor, and he motivates me to work toward my goals without feeling like I’m dealing with a drill sergeant.  Isaac notices if I’m having extra problems, and reconfigures my program that day to best deal with what is going on while maintaining a structured environment.  As an example, I had over 7 months of having to take a very strong medication that left me exhausted and sick much of the time.  I never dreaded working out during this time, as Isaac adapted the program around my situation and I still made progress toward my goals.  There is no getting bored with these sessions, and Isaac always tells me what new things are coming up.

I should add that Isaac maintains meticulous records of what we do and what I am working on outside our sessions.

I would recommend Isaac and Agilis Fitness without hesitation to anyone wishing to improve their level of fitness while enjoying a fun, interesting and excellent workout.

Madeleine K.

Retired Probation Officer, Long Beach, CA

As I crept past the dreaded “45” mark in my life and finally acknowledged that I wasn’t immune to middle age, I also made a promise to myself that it was time to make certain that the next half of my life was as good–or better–than the first half has been.

Enter Isaac. I’ve had trainers in the past, but found myself bored, injured and lacking results as they tried to force me into a “less than personalized” workout regimen. I knew I needed more than just that, and through training with Isaac I’ve realized more than I knew was possible. I thought I was on some inevitable downward slide that was just a part of aging, but now realize that enormous potential is still available to me.

His focus isn’t on short-term gains–It’s building a whole new way of life.

It’s not working out with a ‘muscle head’ trainer. It’s a logical, scientific, well-thought out, professionally presented experience

Workouts aren’t arbitrary. They are carefully prepared, individualized for me, and change regularly to improve performance

My trainer knows me and my body. Through thorough evaluations/briefings, he has a clear idea of who I am, my abilities, and my deficits—both physically and psychologically

Slow and steady wins the race. I don’t get injured, because he slowly, methodically progresses me through workouts until I’m doing more than I ever thought that I could

It’s a whole body thing. It’s easy to go for big muscles, but Isaac works on bettering one’s whole body—through a carefully created regimen of strength training, stamina training, flexibility and balance work, and finally good nutrition—the whole nine yards. This is not about just pushing a bunch of weight around.

It’s a zen thing. Without gimmicks or fluff, the workout has a holistic feel to it—outside, in the elements, working in fresh air, breaking the norm of the workday world

I feel great. It’s not just that I’m stronger, or that I look better (which I am and I do), but I feel better in all aspects of my life, more alive, more capable, more on top of things, more in balance and in control of my being.

I wholeheartedly recommend Isaac Chenevey and Agilis Fitness.

Mark Wheeler

Mark Wheeler Design (Residential Designs), Long Beach, CA

I didn’t realize how much I needed a personal trainer until after I started with Isaac at Agilis Fitness. I was getting to a point in my age where my active lifestyle was acquiring more injuries due to bad workouts and general bad health. So I decided to invest in my health. Isaac helped me with the impingement in my shoulder and has tailored my workouts to strengthen this area. He relates the most effective and substantial exercises to my old work outs and stretches that I have been doing since high school football so that I have a better understanding of the movement and its benefit. I am so happy that I have invested in myself with Agilis Fitness.

Mark Waddington, 40

Director, CIMI Tall Ship Expeditions

Isaac has been my personal trainer for over three and a half years and has done an excellent job. He is flexible with my program, trains me in my private gym and is very sensitive to my age or current state of health, thus tailoring my training schedule to my ability at the time. This is very important, particularly for octogenarians. Isaac also has a pleasant personality, upbeat, an intellectual and you can have an intelligent conversation with him while you are training. I would highly recommend Isaac as a personal trainer, particularly for anyone with specialized or difficult problems such as aging, health problems or other issues. At the same time he is an interesting companion.

Robert Gumbiner, M.D., 85

Founder, FHP (Family Health Program)/Founder MoLAA (Museum of Latin American Art)/Philanthropist

Isaac offers a perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. He is a professional and exudes extensive knowledge, enthusiastic, commitment to his work and clients.
Isaac is a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; expert in running, strength training, martial arts, yoga and CHEK Institute methods. I was instantly comfortable from our initial assessment meeting. His easy going, friendly, spontaneous personality creates a comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun.

Each session is tailored to meet my specific needs. His knowledge and ability to flow with the moment have even allowed me to train while dealing with past back issues or a sprained ankle. Any other time I would have just canceled and rescheduled until I was healed. Isaac altered the program so I could still train and not compromise my injury. As soon as I was healed he implemented exercises to strengthen the area to avoid future injury.

Another important item is the thorough initial assessment. The assessment combined with my goals and the metabolic typing test make his training unique. He is very approachable and comforting in his manner (and energy.) Thorough, individualized i.e.: changing it up when he sees efficiency and adaptability to the exercises, structured yet flexible i.e.: able to switch it up in the event of an injury. I also like that even though I said I hate to run he looked at my physical structure and said I was built to sprint. He had me sprint and sure enough…my body LOVED it. Lungs and heart felt like they were gonna pop but the rest of the body was like yeah yeah yeah…more more more!!!

If you are looking for a trainer you need look no farther. Isaac is everything a person could ask for in a personal trainer, fitness and health professional. He provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle.

Marlo Ann Gilbert

Director of Marketing, Long Beach, CA

I was looking for a personal trainer who would be able to help me strengthen my lower back and improve my overall fitness. After meeting and speaking in some detail with Isaac, I felt he may be able to help, not only in the area of lower back strengthening, but as a motivator to keep me moving toward achieving my personal fitness goals. I was impressed by Isaac’s knowledge and use of appropriate sports therapies in my fitness program. After the corrective, 1-on-1 sessions are complete, I look forward to joining his fitness class!

Christine H.

For me, getting away from the daily grind of work and even my normal workout routine to join the Agilis Fitness Class has had a big impact on my life. The fitness class is a fun, dynamic routine that changes every 4 weeks to keep things fresh. The workout programs are designed by Isaac Chenevey who holds Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and is certified by ACE and the CHEK Institute. The level he has me work at is based on my personal evaluation of core strength, fitness level, posture, physique and results. I have fun working out in an outdoor park setting by the ocean which is inspiring. Each class has helped me improve my flexibility, stamina, muscle strength, cardio, breathing and posture.

Get in shape the smart way and have fun doing it!

Mark Hawks

SEO Savvy, LLC

Isaac provides me with functional training for continued strength as I get older on a one-on-one basis that is tailored to my needs and wants. His scientifically based program design relieves me of the effort of adjusting my training program on a regular basis so I continue to challenge my body. Isaac provides me information on foods, nutrition, etc. that will be beneficial for my overall health and recommendations for specific needs. He works with my chiropractor and general practitioner MD regarding my personal medical issues and how they affect my training and overall health. Furthermore, Agilis Fitness provides me with encouragement and direction in my training so that it is relevant to my daily work life and my life at play.

If you have “been there and done that” with trying to train yourself or have given up on personal trainers in the past, Isaac with Agilis Fitness is sure to change your mind about exercise and working with a highly educated FITNESS PROFESSIONAL. He’ll help you work thru past injuries and health issues in order to keep you on track toward your long-term goals. This is life changing and committed fitness training for people that are ready to do smart workouts and be prepared to travel, play and live strong well into old age. When done right, less is more.

Lou Ann

Long Beach, CA

This is hard to write about because the year I spent with Isaac became one of the best years I ever had. I have had a backslide and physically sit where I was when we first started my fitness, mental and good health journey. But the adventure I had working with you was fantastic. The workouts by themselves were difficult but the overall feeling afterward was an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. It was always stated that what you see is not as important as the work we were doing inside. We were working the body from the inside out, The outside will come in time and that included the mind.

When we worked out it wasn’t always about the physical fitness, it was also about the mental fitness. Talking about diet, or the reason I am spending money to pay another person to help me accomplish something that I should be able to do myself. There was also a moment each session that touched on why we were doing this, helping to get the motivation in front of me so I can keep my eyes on the prize. Well, that was difficult then and still is, I am motivated for my kids, so I will be around for as much of their life as I can. But that still is not enough for me to make exercise a priority in my life. But soon after I ramble on about that it’s not just about exercise its also diet. Another big issue for me, I love sugar, we are really good friends. We enjoy hanging out and Soda is my vice.

In addition to feeling better about myself and liking what I saw in the mirror one of the biggest benefits of working out was a stronger confidence in my abilities at home and work. During my run with Isaac, I had the best work review I have ever had. I also began to read more at home for personal use as well as reading to my kids. I also feel that the personal transformation of myself during this time gave me additional confidence in myself and what I could do allowed me to get out of a marriage that was stifling me as well as my family as a whole.

The time I spend working out with Isaac made the real me come to the surface. I was always there, it’s just been covered up by poor choices and bad habits. It’s also very difficult to take on life by yourself, you need the help of others, family and friends to make a difference in your life. Isaac was much more than just a coach, he became a friend, someone to be a thought partner on life issues that get in the way of keeping your mental and physical body focused.


Disney Theme Park Management, Mission Viejo, CA

I have been an athlete for all my life, even a professional one (well amateur, but did it for a living) for a while. When I turned 40 all the exercise and bad work habits sort of caught up with me and I just couldn’t push through a run, or work out with a stiff neck etc..

Isaac was able to evaluate what was wrong with me, both from my body and from a history of all the things that I have done sports-wise and work-wise in my life. He then developed a plan to work on the areas of weakness and pain, while still developing a workout that would kick my ass (probably can’t use that word), and be lots of fun.

I have been training with Isaac for almost two years and my weak and pain areas have improved dramatically. I get to do a great workout at home and have achieved a level of fitness that I would have never been able to on my own.

I was reluctant to get too involved in a diet change, but slowly Isaac has changed my eating habits, with tips that have made a huge difference.

Rachel, 40+

Veterinary Radiologist

Having a highly qualified personal trainer gives you that one on one experience that could never be recreated in a gym atmosphere. The sessions are geared to YOUR specific needs and challenges and not a generic, cookie cutter program.

Your personal trainer quickly becomes your friend and you have that sense of comfort as you are going through the training sessions you build a sense of trust with your trainer and trust is so important when you are working with someone so closely. I was able to establish that rapport with Isaac and get results in the comfort of my own home.

In my case, I had very bad back problems and thought I was limited to what I could do. Isaac was able to come up with a routine that not only worked, I didn’t even know I was working out!

Helen, 50+,

Lakewood, CA

I have worked with Isaac over the past four years. He is highly skilled in fitness, strength training and life coaching. He has a strong work ethic and has great interpersonal communication skills. Additionally, he’s pretty funny, and he’s a great friend. Ask him about the “Hans and Franz” routine. ….



Isaac has made a difference in my yoga practice and in my daily life. He has created a personalized yoga program that helps me to focus on my breath, keep my spine flexible and strong, and maintain balancing strength. Highly adaptable, innovative and reliable, Isaac has impacted my practice in a positive and highly effective way…..



In the past I’ve lost motivation with training. It would get boring after a while. I had this idea that if I asked Isaac to train me as if I were an athlete, I would stay motivated. Isaac took the challenge and, in return, challenged me. I stayed motivated, injury-free, flexible and healthy with Isaac’s unique combination of training methods, nutritional recommendations, stretching and general approach to life and exercise. My goal was to get in better shape so that I could approach the activities I love with more confidence and skill. Thanks to the foundation I built with Isaac, I was able to enjoy a summer packed with the outdoor activities I enjoy.



I have worked out for over 20 years and with a few trainers throughout that time. I can see in only a couple of weeks that I can learn an entirely new way to work out that is fun, challenging, and efficient. I appreciate your concern for form, with the goal of improving the ability to function in all activities.