The American Council on Exercise ProSource published an article about the wide belief that eating breakfast can be beneficial for preventing obesity and helping people trim down. Unfortunately, the article stated that most of the literature does not show significant evidence proving that notion to be true.  Just because eating in the morning may not be your key to shedding those pounds away, breakfast still seems to be the most important meal of the day, so keep on breaking that morning fast.

“Well if eating breakfast does not help eliminate my belly fat, then, why should I bother?”  After a long night of sleeping without any caloric intake, your body wakes up in the morning without being fully fueled and ready to take on the day. Skipping breakfast only means your body will start utilizing what it has, that being the protein in your muscles, which would cause you to start losing some muscle mass. No good. So, starting the day off right by putting some nutrients into your stomach is a wise choice to make. Not to mention eating first thing in the morning helps monitor blood sugar levels, which is especially important for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Yes those decadent donuts and artificial fruit filled pastries sure are delicious, but sadly, they do not provide you with all the proper nutrients and these food choices will end up adding a lot of empty calories which may contribute to weight gain and reap all the positive aspects breakfast should provide. Eating a complete and balanced breakfast full of whole grains, fruits, proteins, and good fats will ensure that your body is satiated and ready for whatever activities you have lined up for the day.

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