The top article on the IDEA fit website today really sparked some interest to me, so I thought I would share my thoughts and summary of what I read. The article was titled, The 9 Essential Habits of Mentally Strong People, and it was written by Carolyn Gregoire. While being physically strong through exercise and physical activity are extremely important, the strength of the mind should be exercised all day every day, and physical strength without mental strength puts you at an imbalance. It’s almost hard to believe there are so many people who can bench press many pounds above their own body weight, but seem to completely crumble to the thought or the occurrence of even just a small little obstacle in their life path.

It takes practice to be mentally strong, and believe me, I still have a ways to go on my path to mental strength, but if everyone just took a little bit of time out of their everyday lives to try to improve on this aspect of themselves the world could start to become stronger. There is no way anyone could get through life without hardships, those are just out of our control, but what we do have control of is how we handle ourselves when we come across a time or situation of stress. It is so easy for us to let bumps in the road break us down, and feel like life just sucks and the situation at hand sucks, but if we exercise our mental strength we can learn how to find ways to grow stronger through our downfalls and you can begin to believe in the saying “for every negative there is a positive.” So the next time you start feel like poop has hit the fan, try to find it in yourself to appreciate the obstacle and flip into a situation where you can come up with a solution and way to grow from it.


By, Leiana Swanson



Here is the list of the 9 Habits:

  1. See things objectively
  2. Let go of entitlement
  3. Keep an even keel
  4. Don’t aspire to be happy all the time
  5. Be a realistic optimist
  6. Live in the present moment
  7. Be persistent in the pursuit of your goals
  8. But know when it is time to let go
  9. Love your life!