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Always Keep Climbing Trees - Agilis Fitness

Bob and Isaac_exercise into old ageThis is a photo of Bob and I.  I met him on the way down from Dusy Basin, High Sierra Nevada back in 2012.  He was finishing a 15 mile backpacking loop, by himself most of the time, but met with a National Park Ranger friend of his for a few days.  He asked me for a ride into Bishop.  I got to ask him some questions about his life and how it is that he still was able to do such an extreme backpacking adventure.  “Been doing this since I was a kid, just never stopped.”  I asked him if I could take his picture with me in it…he’s kind of my hero in relation to my goals and vision of myself in the future.  We are even wearing similar clothes!  Ha!  He was 71 years old in this photo.  Pretty amazing.

I always like to ask friends, family, clients, acquaintances, random people I’ve met, “what is your health and fitness lifetime achievement goal?”   Something to think about…