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Wellness Coaching services are geared toward those who want to make lifetime changes to their health, fitness and vitality. Wellness Coaching is for both individulas and organizations that want to get a jump-start to a program that can be carried out on your own. This approach allows the individual or the organization to make the right behavioral changes in the most efficient way possible.

Whatever your reasons and needs, Wellness Coaching can get you to where you want to be, efficiently and with flexibility!

We use PTEnhance(.com) as our prefered remote training platform providing exercise descriptions that include written and video explanations.  And, multiple written assessments will be assigned for each individual for clear insight into our clients needs, goals and current issues. 

You might want to consider Fitness & Wellness Coaching if:

  • Your schedule is irregular and you can’t commit to a regular class or private sessions.
  • You travel extensively and something more versatile.
  • You have an idea what to do, but need some more specifics covered.
  • You want to manage your own fitness program, but don’t know where to begin.
  • You have tried many other programs and are stuck in a rut and need a new, integrative perspective.
  • You want to focus on positive lifestyle changes, but you keep hitting roadblocks.

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Based out of Long Beach, California, we have the ability to train you in-person in the Greater Long Beach, CA area and we also have available a consultation service to get you headed in the right, healthful direction. Give us a call at 562-537-4013 or contact us online!

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