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Personal Training – Long Beach

At Agilis Fitness, we use the simplest of equipment to get the ‘state of the art’ performance results. Our emphasis is functional training which means the body you want will not only look and feel great, it will out-perform (in both present day and long-term use) any ‘fitness-machine-built physique.’ Functional training builds the muscle movement strength you use everyday for survival, for high performance and for play. We place a greater emphasis on balance, agility and the mind/body connection through the breath and movement whether you are performing a yoga posture, push-ups or balancing on one foot. The training you do for one hour will translate to the rest of your life and greatly enhance your everyday activities for years.

Training sessions take place at your home, at your office or at a park in the Greater Long Beach Area.

  • Post-rehabilitation sessions working with your physical therapist, doctor or chiropractor
  • Back and core strength management and care.
  • Gain lean muscle mass, decrease excess body fat
  • Sports specific training
  • Specializing in corrective exercise
  • Tai chi as the main focus or additionally to your strength thraining

    personal training in long beach

Semi-Private Fitness Training – Long Beach

Agilis Fitness offers a small group, in-home or outdoor, semi-private program with a maximum of 4 participants (also nicknamed from a current client, a ‘Fit Club’). Strength training, cardio and a personalized corrective postural and core strengthening program that will fit your budget, keep you healthfully moving and keep you on a positive, preventative health track! This is the best of both a group fitness setting and a personalized training session. Burn off some stress, increase your metabolism and tone up all those trouble spots in a challenging circuit set amongst other fitness-minded individuals. Let the group setting generate the momentum and synergy to keep you motivated with every class. Tai chi is also available as a separate program or in conjunction with a strength endurance circuit program.

Semi-Private Fitness Sessions (Fit Club) will run from 60 minutes which includes your own stretch program, the circuit traininng program and finishing the session with a group and personalized core program. New exercise programs start with one ciruit/set and progress through the days and weeks to 3 or 4 circuits/sets. Every participant gets hands on instruction and variations to the exercise to keep you safe and/or challenged.

  • Personalized stretches, postural correction exercises and core strength exercises done at each session.
  • Group exercise setting with the most personalized approach available.
  • Full postural and core strength assessment at start of program and periodically checked for progression.
  • Coaching outside of class regarding your program, dietary issues, motivation, whatever you need, we’re here to help!

Semi-Private Training Schedule

Semi-Private Training Sessions/Fit Club meet at various times throughout the week, contact us for the current schedule or start your own Fit Club with people you already know! If you have a group of 2 to 4 people that would like to start a new Fit Club, we can arrange that based off your group’s schedule.

Fit Club Sessions have been and currently located at one of the following Long Beach parks: Marine (Stadium) Vista Park, Colorado Lagoon Park or Mother’s Beach Park. Or, your Fit Club can meet at your favorite park, at your home or at a location the group feels most comfortable.

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Based out of Long Beach, California, we have the ability to train you in-person in the Greater Long Beach, CA area and we also have available a consultation service to get you headed in the right, healthful direction. Give us a call at 562-537-4013 or contact us online!

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